A Stroking Assignment To Kick Off Masturbation May

You know you want to…

I want this to be the best Masturbation May ever, so today, I want you to follow the stroking instructions below.  I’m going to give you three different stroking techniques. And I want you to stroke for 20 minutes with each, making sure to keep track of your edges. Now, get naked for me!

Cock Sliding

Lay down on the bed, and take your balls softly in your non-stroking hand.  With your other hand, put your cock on your belly and slide with your palm along the lower side of your dick, from the root to the head. Just slide along that horny cock, use your fingers to add some extra sensation, but don’t grip your meat like your stroking. Every once in a while, give those balls a massaging squeeze.  

The Milker

Are you all warmed up now?  You may not have edged yet, but then again you may have gotten one or two with the cock sliding. Either way, don’t worry, you’re sure to get a few with this next one.  Remember, I haven’t given you permission to cum yet, so if the edges are too intense, you can stop for 15 seconds.  For this method, I want you to stroke your hands, alternately, up your cock – only up! Start at the base, and move all the way up past the head.  Just as that hand reaches the head, start at the base with your other hand. And remember to keep this going for 20 minutes.



You’ve been stimulating yourself for 40 minutes now.  I’ll bet that pre-cum is just flowing out of you, isn’t it?  So this time, when you get to an edge, you must ride the edge for 15 seconds, before you can rest 15 seconds.  Oh, you want to know what the corkscrew is?  Hold the base with one hand, stroke up the shaft to the head with the other hand and twist your hand around as it slides off the head, then repeat.  Over and over again, edge after edge I’m sure!

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