Teasing and denial is good for your health.

Delaying your satisfaction in life builds patience and determination. It’s the instant gratification in this culture that builds such incredible impatience. Such things will only lead to sorrow and anxiety in a person. So, if you want to be happier and overall live a happy life, all you need to do is deny cumming.

Deny cumming for Mistress Simone!

Tease and Denial!

I’m not saying you need to deny cumming forever.

All I’m talking about is denying your orgasm for about a week. You can give up anything for a week! You can still stroke your cock. I actually encourage stroking without cumming. A man that can stroke his cock without cumming can rule the world because he has the patience to wait for what he wants in life and the determination to go get it!

You need a guide to help you stroke your cock without cumming.

Luckily, I am such a guide. The key to this, however, is trust. You have to be able to tell me when you are close to spilling your happy load of semen. I love watching you stroke for me knowing that you are only going to shrink in time. I know it sounds really cruel, but if you want to be a real man, then you first need to obey.

Before you can Rule, you must learn how to serve.

I can teach you how to rule the world, sweetheart, but you are going to need your hand and my voice telling you to start and stop stroking your cock. Start stroking it for me sweetheart. Wait twenty seconds. Now, sit on your hands. Do you really truly want to cum?

Of course you can, in a week!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone


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