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My First Vibrator

Quench your thirst for orgasm denial and pantyhose fetish with Ms. Brighton. 1-800-601-6975

The operative question is “May I Cum” right? But what are the terms for you being allowed to stroke, and better yet, being allowed to release? This is the part where we discuss the thrill of orgasm denial, and being stimulated by your sense of touch, teasing your cock in pantyhose.

Orgasm Denial – Pantyhose FetishVirtual World Phone Sex

If you confess to me that you enjoy wearing women’s nylons and jerking off, then it’s a given that you are going to be wearing a pair before our session ends. But will you be cumming? Ultimately, the decision is mine as to whether or not you get to release in your pantyhose, but you will stroke for me, and while you edge, and edge, confess all your kinky lingerie habits. Like how you fantasize quite frequently about having me deny you completely, and encourage you to wear nothing but pantyhose under all of your clothes. Or nothing else at all.

Pantyhose Punishment

Whatever the final verdict is, I decide your punishment. And even if I do have mercy on you and allow you to cum, don’t you know there are conditions for your orgasmic release? Namely what to do with those messy nylons after you cum in them. I think you know exactly what I mean, don’t you? Would you like to explore tease and denial in pantyhose, in a virtual setting? You now have the option to meet me in world, at Enchantrix Empire! Not sure about virtual sex? You can meet me and some of the other virtual mistresses on March 31st at our very first interactive meet & greet. Of course if you are more traditional, I am always reachable via phone. So pantyhose stroker stud, are you ready?

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