In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge fan of putting males in panties.

It’s a fetish of mine, one that I’m very unapologetic about. I just plain love putting you in panties! It doesn’t matter if you’re a sissy or not, there’s just something so very pleasing about panties on a cute, pert boy butt. Turning you on and getting you hard in panties is pure bonus. I love seeing your cock outlined in sheer, silky, panties.

Mistress Harper likes you teased in panties for her pleasure!The entire point of getting you hard in a nice pair of girly panties is to then have you mess them up.

I wonder, would you beg me to let you cum if you knew that’s what I want to have happen? Or would you assume it’s a given and stop begging for it? Let me disabuse you of that strategy: if you don’t beg, I’ll happily give up the pleasure of watching you cum in panties for the even greater pleasure of seeing you desperate and turned on in them. You’ll still ruin that silk thong, because you’ll be so turned on your cock will leak pre-cum like a faucet.

Cum or pre-cum, it doesn’t matter to me, not really.

I just like seeing you turned on in panties, with a spreading wet spot in the front. It’s this very visual proof of how fucking turned on you are. I love it! So, yeah, you’re going to beg me for permission to cum, no matter what. Besides we all know how much you love begging for it, so don’t even pretend to be shy about it. Ask me. “Mistress, may I cum in your panties?” and let’s see if I’ll say yes or no.

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