Stroking and teasing go together like peanut butter and jelly!

Stroking, teasing and edging...... DENIED!

Wanna Cum?

First of all, edging and teasing a man is awesome when he is tied up and restrained. I prefer handcuffs for this, because I don’t trust you to stay tied if I use rope. Plus, there is something amazingly hot about taking the handcuff key and sticking it on a pretty necklace where you can see it. Tease and denial is all about giving you the concept of hope!

I might just give you exactly what you want this time!

I might allow you to cum tonight!

It very well might be the time that you get to have exactly what you want. You feel me rub and tug on your cock and you stand straight up for me. So, you want to be able to have that mind blowing orgasm that will send you off to another plane of existence? Perfect, I whisper to you as I stroke your cock so close to the edge of release.

Then, I let go of your cock and giggle softly.

Now, did you really think it was going to be that simple? Come on now, of course I would not allow you to cum that quickly. I want you to be able to last a long time so you can satisfy me. I change the stroke on your cock enough times that every time you feel yourself getting close, I change the speed. It’s driving you a bit insane.

Teasing and edging your cock makes me very happy.

I wonder if I will ever allow you to cum?

Keep dreaming, sweetie!


Mistress Simone

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