Begging Mistress Daphne to cum.....Get Creative!


If you want to orgasm with me, you have to be a whole lot more creative than, “Mistress, I’m begging you to cum!”

I want to hear what you are doing with your hand, your thumb, your palm. I want you to tell me if you play with your balls and how. Are you right-handed? Left-handed? Do you use both hands when you stroke?

I love to hear the sounds you make as your level of intensity and desire to cum increase. The way to get my Mistress approval is when I hear your moans and whimpers of hunger for release. Hearing that ache in your voice moves me much more than any verbal imploring could ever do.

I Know Those Sounds

I have heard hundreds and hundreds of men as they orgasm, either through masturbation or during sex. I know those sounds!

As you stroke for me, I will guide your stroking as I listen to the ebbs and flows of your breathing and moans. Getting close? I will slow you down or demand you take your hand off your cock. The edge subsiding? Hand back on that dick and wrap your thumb on that tender spot on the underside of the edge of the head.

I control that orgasm.

You Know It Too

When I am ready to hear you climax, I will give you the cue to let that jism fly. Whether I just demand it, count down, taunt you or listen as you cum without permission, that will be my satisfaction… far beyond any begging could do.

C’mon… entertain me, boy!


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