Stroking Fast Leads to Edging

Is edging more pleasurable than cumming?

Today’s guided masturbation assignment is all about edging. Getting to the edge fast, getting as many edges as possible…and then denying yourself. You might get a chance to cum, but it’s all going to depend on how well you perform. Start out by wrapping your entire hand around that cock – give it a firm handshake. Then start stroking…faster…faster! I expect that hand to be a blur as you stroke your cock fast and hard for your Masturbatrix.

Edging for Mistress

Go ahead, feel that edge coming on. You’re working right up to it. You can feel your balls tightening, feel them swelling as they start to fill with all that nice, creamy cum. Don’t slow down, keep jerking it hard and fast, until you get to the edge.


STOP NOW, STROKER! You’ve got ten seconds to let that edge die down, to let it fade away…then wrap that hand around your cock and start all over again! Fast. Edge. Stop. Repeat. It’s a very simple game, and you’re going to do it for 30 whole, agonizing, tormenting minutes. And then you’re going to stop and put your cock away. After about 8 hours, you’re going to do it all over again. Keep track of how many edges, because that’s how I’m going to judge your performance. Now after your second session, you can click on the audio and find out if you’re allowed to cum.

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