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Imagine if you will, that instead of your domme giving you an orgasm denial session, she ordered you to cum.. over and over… and over again. And you were instructed to cum and keep stroking, until she told you to stop. Now imagine she didn’t tell you to stop. That’s right stroker stud, your mistress has just introduced you to the opposite of being denied: coerced orgasm.

Coerced Orgasm Training

For many submissives and chronic masturbators, the idea of being able to spank your dick as much as you wanted would sound like a dream come true. That is until you came to the realization of how agonizing it would be if you couldn’t stop cumming. The experience can be just as excruciating as a set of blue balls and a locked up cock. On top of having to cum repeatedly, your dick would more than likely get sore from non stop hand jobs, your balls would shrivel up as they were milked of every last drop of sperm, and you’d have some very well defined muscles in your jerk-off arm, in contrast with the other, which might raise questionable glances from anyone who noticed you were half wimp, half gladiator.

Guided Masturbation from the Depths of Hell

I do believe that after a hellish round of coerced orgasms, you will be begging for a release of a different kind. Begging your mistress to allow you to stop stroking, and doing anything to be allowed to stop cumming. And of course, once you’re spent, the teasing and torment won’t stop there, because once you beg to stop, it’s going to be a very long time until you’re allowed to cum again. It wouldn’t be any fun for mistress if she couldn’t take you to extremes, while keeping you obedient! So do you think you can handle being my stroker stud, and having to cum on demand for your mistress until she breaks you? I do love a challenge.


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