Ms Violet's two favorite fetishes are chastity and denialNot Quite the Game You Remember

This fun masturbation game does involve two of the colors on a traffic light. But, the whole game revolves around teasing you through an extended session of stroking. In this case, you may get release, and you may not.

It is Never a Guarantee

Two of my favorite fetishes are chastity and denial. So when you tell me that you want me to make the decision about whether you get to cum or not, I am in my element. You can bet that I have a big smile on my face at that point. You getting to cum is never a guarantee. That is true for other fun masturbation games as well.

How to Play

You call me with lube at hand. I say “Green light,” and you begin to stroke. If I can tell that you are getting close to the edge, I say “Red light,” and you must stop immediately. This is a game that my caller, spanky franky, excels at. This game was developed for his stroking pleasures years ago by myself and another Mistress. It is so much fun, with a lot of laughter, taunting, teasing, and of course edging.
I continue to give you permission to stroke by saying “Green light,” and stopping you to calm down by saying “Red light.” But then my dark side kicks in. I know you are getting close, or you are begging me to stop. I do not say “Red light,” so you are faced with the dilemma of obeying me and having an unauthorized release, which always has consequences, or being obedient and being punished for cumming without permission. Boxed in!

The Details

You are probably wondering what the punishment is for an unauthorized release. That depends on what you consider a punishment. We discuss this a bit before we begin, because I want you to dearly want to avoid that consequence.

Do You Get to Cum Now

There is only one way for you to find out. Listen to the audio below. Follow my “Green Light, Red Light” instructions, and learn your fate.


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Click HERE to Listen


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