Eat your cum squirt for Ms. Piper.

Want a lick?

You promised me if I’d let you cum, you’d eat your own cum. You promised you wouldn’t leave it on my sheets.

But then you made your little cum squirt, and then you immediately began making excuses. Ms Piper doesn’t like excuses.

“I can’t do it! After I cum, I just lose all of my desire!” Since when is it about your desire, masturbation whore?

You cum only if I allow it, and trust me, I don’t allow you to cum because I care about your desire!

The only reason I allow you to cum is so you’ll make a gooey mess and I can be entertained while you humiliate yourself being a cum eater. I took some pity on you because the last few times I let you make a mess, I ruined your orgasm.

Don’t expect me to allow you to cum again until you prove to me you can do as you’re told.

I have a treat for you! I saved all that cum you left on my sheets last time. I froze it in a nice little ice cube that you can hold in your mouth while you play with yourself!

With your mouth full of icy cum, you won’t be able to make empty promises you have no intention of keeping. That makes me very happy.

And now you will edge over and over again. And then you will edge some more. You will edge until your balls are so swollen and sore you’re on the verge of crying.

Maybe then your cum cube will have melted enough for you to begin begging–only this time, you will beg me to ruin your orgasm.

I will be ruining all of your orgasms until I decide you can be trusted to clean up your spooge like a good boy. Now, beg me to ruin it, bitch!


Eat your cum for Ms. Piper.

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