Feeling lucky, stroker?

Hi there! Happy St Patrick’s Day! It’s a fun and festive day. It’s that day when everyone wants a little “Luck of the Edge and Stroke for KayMarieIrish”. Now, get your green on and ask yourself, “Am I feeling lucky?”

So, you want to cum?

You think if you ask nicely, tell me it’s been so long since you have been able to cum, or that you are so horny you can’t think, I’ll let you. Well, even though I am not the Mistress that denies all the time, don’t think it’s a given. Since it is a holiday let’s have a little themed fun with it.

You need to edge and stroke for me.

You need to edge 3 times with 17 strokes. (Yep I’m having fun playing with the date again) Now, once you have done that ~ IF you can do that ~ then you can ask me, “May I cum?” But here’s the catch, just like that tricky leprechaun with his pot of gold, I am not going to be easy to catch on St. Patty’s Day. If you see me, you may ask. Simply message me and I will reply. But only if you catch me on. If you want to cum for me, you may call.

Catch me if you can!

Irish hugs and kisses,

Ms. Kay Marie


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