A Fantasy CBT Tease

Are you willing…if it means you can cum?

This post mixes in some fantasy CBT along with some teasing masturbation. It’s not a lot of CBT, unless you want it to be! But, it will add a bit of discomfort to your masturbation. Get naked for me, and kneel on the floor. Imagine I’m seated before you on my throne, my legs crossed, one leg swinging back and forth, my high heeled stiletto dangling off of my toe. Tie up your cock and balls, nice and snug for me, you know how I like them to be.

Stroke for Your Mistress

Start stroking. I want the five minute warm up, one stroke every five seconds for a minute, then once every 4 seconds, on down to once every second.  Have you edged yet?  If not, stroke as fast and as hard as you can until you get to that first sweet edge! Rest ten seconds, then do the warm-up all over again, repeating this until you have given me five wonderful edges.

Time to Walk the Tightrope

Find something with a bit of weight to it that will dangle below your balls and in between your legs when you’re standing up.  Ear buds would work great if you want just a bit of pull, but if you want a real challenge, grab a full water bottle, tie a shoe lace around the neck of it. And then tie the other end of the shoe lace around the base of your balls. Of course you can go with anything, any weight in between, choose what works best for you.

Now stand up, face away from where you imagine me to be and walk 10 steps, then turn around and walk ten steps back to me. Oh, and keep stroking slowly while you do.

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