You Won’t Be Asking May I Cum This Time

Ms. Christine knows you will beg to stop

Ms. Christine loves the sound of your begging.

This whole tease is about seeing how much endurance, how much stamina you have.  It’s about stroking that hard cock, bringing you to the edge of cumming over and over again…and then denying you! You will beg to stop!  I am a MILF Cock Tease, and there’s nothing that pleases a Cock Tease more than if you let her play with your cock forever.  You will stroke…and you will play with your balls…and you might even play with your ass, but, there’s only really one rule.  You.  Will.  Not. Cum.  I want you to keep all that jizz in your balls.  For your Mistress.  For your MILF Cock Tease, Mistress Christine.

Start Stroking

Start stroking…slowly…painfully slowly.  I’m thinking one stroke every 10 seconds.  I really want you to last!  Every minute you stroke, I want you to take your hand off that shaft, and massage, fondle and squeeze your balls for 30 seconds…then stroke again, one stroke every 9 seconds.  Keep that cycle up, stroke for a minute – decreasing the count by one every minute, then fondle those balls for 30 seconds between each stroking cycle.  By the 11th minute of stroking, you should be at the point of stroking twice a second, then 3 times a second, then 4.  When your stroking fast and furious, feel free to edge, but every edge must be followed by a minutes of anal play fun.  Finger yourself or thrust a butt plug or dildo in there, but only do it for a minute each time, then back to stroking.

You Will Beg to Stop

And that’s when this game ends, when you, my addicted stroker, my pet who just loves to stroke his horny cock, begs me to stop.  And you will.  You’re poor, tormented dick and that abused ass will be so sore, you’ll be pleading to stop…and I’ll let you.  Since you’ve been such a masterful masturbator, and you’ve kept that cum in your blue aching balls, I might even give you a chance to cum….Click below to find out if you get to or not.

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


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