Feeling lucky my stroker pet?

Your Toys For The Dice Game Tease

First, you need to get all your toys ready.  You need lube, dice, some porn – and obviously, something to watch it on! – a paddle or something else to whack your balls or spank your ass!  The rules are very simple.  Roll the die and do whatever you’re told.  You can edge, but if you do, you have to slow down and ride that edge until your task is completed.  If you can’t hold it, you ruin that orgasm. Now, let’s begin the dice game.

Roll And Stroke

#1 – What porn are we watching?

1) Femdom porn
2) Gay porn
3) Anything you like!
4) None, just close the eyes and imagine!
5) Lesbian porn
6) Straight, boring, vanilla porn.

#2 – Before you start that porn, I want you completely limp!  Then you can roll again

1) Get hard with as few strokes as possible, whatever speed you like (Remember the number: multiply by 2 = X!)
2) Get hard stroking once every 5 seconds. (Remember the number: multiply by 4 = X!)
3) Get hard stroking once every 3 seconds. (Remember the number: multiply by 3 = X!)
4) Get hard stroking every second. (Remember the number: multiply by 2 = X)
5) Get hard without stroking (Remember how many seconds = X!)
6) Get hard by humping your pillow (Remember how many thrusts: multiply by 3 = X)

Remember X – it’s important later, then start up that porn!

Finally!  Some stroking!

#3 – Roll the dice…

1) Stroke one minute: 3 strokes per second.
2) Stroke two minutes: 1 stroke per second
3) Stroke one minute as fast as you like!
4) Stroke with your non dominant hand for two minutes: 2 strokes per second
5) Stroke with your non dominant hand for one minute as fast as you like.
6) Stroke two minutes: 1 stroke every 2 seconds. Control yourself!

Remember…DON”T CUM!  Ride that edge, or ruin it if you must!

Some Pain With Your Pleasure

#4 – Remember X?  I hope so, because now it’s important.  Keep that porn going, roll again, and…

1) Hit your balls X times.
2) Spank your ass cheek X times EACH!
3) Tease your nipples for X seconds
4) Suck your finger passionately for X seconds
5) Palm, pinch and tease (no stroking!) your dickhead for X seconds
6) Re-enact as much from the video as possible for X seconds, especially the faces and sounds. (Only if you have porn to watch, otherwise re-roll)

#5 –  Roll again, I think you’re ready for some edges, don’t you? 

1) Edge twice, with 5 seconds rest period
2) Three edges with 20 seconds rest periods
3) Edge as fast as possible!
4) Edge once by stroking 3 times per second
5) Edge twice, with 30 seconds rest and by stroking 3/second.
6) Four edges with one minute rest in between.

Are you desperate to cum?  Ask nicely, “Ms. Christine, may I please cum?”….then click the audio below to hear your fate!

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