I can hear your heart beating faster as you hurry to get in that one last orgasm. The touch and taste of her soft, pouty lips and the faint smell of perfume is so hot! If only the subtle odor of the perfume mixed with her pheromones could last forever in your mind.  Intoxicatingly erotic, don’t you think? This has left your cock rock solid. By now, you are squirming in the discomfort of wanting to cum but unable to do so. If only you can move your hand and feel her feminine juices seeping out, leaving you with the fragrant essence of her womanhood.

Is that Erection Painfully Hard?

While you read these words and romanticize, let’s not forget you will be led around by your genitals. Mmmmm…is that erection still painfully hard? Sit down and be a good boy while listening to me. You will be happy to know that the guy your wife has been routinely fucking does not want her to stop bucking her hips at night so be prepared to get off as she shares the juicy details with you. Go on…get a head start and stroke your cock hard. Did you know she likes to wear the sexiest lingerie for him, and he enjoys watching her do a strip tease for his pleasure?

Keep Stroking and Rubbing Your Cock.

After she gets naked, he throws her down, becomes forceful and begins sliding his hard rod into her pussy. His cock is beautiful and a lot thicker than yours.

Closer to One Last Orgasm.

I can hear how close you are…very close to cumming. Let me hear you squeal: “I enjoy the idea of my wife being screwed by another man.”  If you want to cum, beg for it so I can hear you plead. Grab your cock, stroke and pull harder. Are you ready for your delicious orgasm? That’s a good boy, you want to do what I tell you, don’t you?

“Yes, Mistress, please…May I get one last orgasm? May I cum?”



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