Ask Ms. Lena, "Mistress, May I?"

Mistress says, “No!”

How long has it been since you honestly committed to a long term orgasm denial program? Never, you say? Well , hold that cum in your balls, honey, because it is not going anywhere. Your days of being an addicted stroker and cumming whenever are over. Okay, I heard you swallow hard, very hard. Get used to being hard and enduring the frustration of the tease!

Learning self control

How long do you think you can go without blowing your load? Maybe, you can last a half hour. No? How about hours, that turn into days on end? MAN UP! You need to learn some self control. That is exactly what I am here for. Don’t worry, we can correct your problem. Submit to me as your mistress of cock and I guarantee it, if you follow the rules. Each time you are instructed to stroke, you will ask “mistress, may I?”

Rewards for cock control

Depending on how good a student you are, I may let you worship my feet. A pathetic jerker like yourself , should be happy that you get any bodily contact with me at all. We will start, with you stroking for 2 minute intervals. After asking “mistress, may I,” you will begin. Now stroke for 2 minutes, then rest for 2 minutes. This sequence will be done as many times as I desire.

Training your cock

The first week will be only 2 minute intervals, but the next week we will move on to 3 minutes. Be aware that is any jizz leaves your cock, a chastity penalty will be imposed for a week. That means no touching your twitching dick at all! For those of you who spill you cum easily, this is not going to be a pleasant experience.

Punishment for the weak ones

Cumming without regard, means you are weak. Your weakness will be rewarded by having me jerk you off and ruin your orgasm. You must learn that orgasms without asking “mistress, may I,” are very unsatisfactory. This is my third strike rule for spilling. After your ruined orgasm, you will remain in chastity for a week, then we will start all over!

Are you a winner?

If you are disciplined enough to make it to 10 minute intervals, the prize will be worshiping mistress’ pussy. After asking “mistress, may I make you cum,”you will be allowed to orgasm as well. But, let’s see if you make it that far, shall we?



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