Ms Cooper loves denying youWell I know that you have been told NO over and over again, but it is the decision of your Mistress right?  I love to keep you in denial while I have several orgasms everyday.

Just knowing that you are quivering and wanting and needing to cum brings a smile to my face.  It’s not that I’m rude or anything I just enjoy denying you lol.  I have been known during a session to make you listen to me pleasure myself while you are in chastity and can not even touch your cock.  I don’t consider that being mean, I feel like I’m helping you to achieve a goal and to help you have an explosive release whenever I do say YES.

I love the words “May I Cum.”  It is music to my ears and I so much enjoy hearing you grovel and beg while on your knees lol.  Most of you want to be pushed to your limit and continue to set new goals and I want to help you reach them lol.  So you can stroke, edge, massage your balls, whatever you want to do EXCEPT cum!

The right time and the right place will happen. You just never know when I will say yes you may release.  It is so worth waiting for and if I let you release I don’t get to hear you beg and plead! I know that you want to make me happy so to do that I must tease, delay, and deny you.

You know that I’m a sensuous Mistress but you also know that I can be very dominant and demanding.  Lot’s of grey area to play and explore your fantasies, fetishes and desires.  But also I love saying NO you may not cum today I will let you know when you can.

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