It’s not up for debate. You WANT to eat your cum for me. You haven’t felt this horny and turned on, by the thought of eating your cum for a femdom mistress, since the first time you discovered jerking off. And let’s face it, if you’re going to be stroking that dick so much, you might as well eat your load. Otherwise, you really don’t deserve to cum at all.

You May Not Cum. Unless…

Let’s be clear, IF.. and only if I let you cum, you will have to eat it. No if’s, and’s, or but’s. Men like you, always yanking their dicks and never giving the poor chicken a rest, need to be trained to keep their hands off their cocks. That’s why we have mistresses who specialize in cock control, and training masturbation addicts like you, to keep your hands off that cock. Therefore, when I do allow you to cum, your reward will also be your punishment. Punishment for constantly spanking that monkey, and draining your balls until there’s nothing but fumes in your nut sac. I will deny you, and put you on a healthy diet of “protein shakes” once those balls are nice and full. Why? It’s simple: The more I deny your orgasms, the bigger the load is going to be when I finally let you pop, and it will be that much more humiliating, when that load spurts all over your lips and tongue. Oh the tangy, salty, bitter taste of defeat, captain strokoffsky.

Take It In The Face

That’s right, pet. If you want to cum, you’re going to have to eat crow… or… in your case, eat cum. This is in addition to being denied the privilege of stroking, or cumming, on a regular basis. Orgasm denial is a wonderful way to train jerkoff junkies, who can’t keep their hands off their dicks. And cum eating serves as a reminder of just how undeserving you are of that orgasm. So you may not cum, unless your shooting that hot, creamy load, directly into your mouth, and swallowing it all. I know you’ve been waiting for your turn to eat your cum, now.. are you ready to swallow your jizz, and your pride?

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