Ms. Cooper

Controlled Release

Remember the good old days when you just had an orgasm whenever and where ever? Well, that all changed when you decided to have a Mistress control your release. It really isn’t such a bad thing, and it teaches you restraint and discipline.  It makes you focus on other things in life other then your cock, there truly are other ways to occupy your time besides stroking and jerking.

Edge and Tease

Your Mistress may tell you to edge every day for a week but do not cum, or she may tell you not to touch it at all. It just depends on her mood. The most important thing for you to do is to follow her orders to the letter. I love to hear you grovel, beg, and plead for a nice release. But in the end it is my decision, not your desire, that will determine the fate of your cock. I want you to edge and tease and help teach you that you can prolong your release, and that the longer you wait the better your orgasm will feel.

Orgasm Denied!

I know that you want to please me and to follow my commands to show your devotion. So please don’t think that I do not like to hear those three words “May I Cum” because I do, and it inspires me to push you even harder to sustain from the ultimate pleasure. So how long can you go with out having an orgasm? A week, a month, a year? Well just know that if you go two months I will give you a good milking, not a release, a milking only. We need to take good care of your cum filled balls while you are sustaining from cumming.


The best thing I can tell you is to always show your Mistress respect, devotion, and to follow her commands. If you do you may just get that release that you so desperately want. You may hear the words “yes, you may cum” and you will thank her for making you wait because it made it feel so much more powerful and awesome.



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