Princess Andi Orgasm Dice GameAw, so you want to cum for me? How long has it been since you had your last orgasm? I am Princess Andi and I am into making you squirm and beg. You know, the delicious torment I create for you is exciting and you just can’t wait to see what else is up my sleeve for you.

Well, I do love denying you, humiliating you; because, you are so turned on by me. That you are soooooo willing to do just about anything that I ask, hell – you will do anything that I asked!

I do seem to get that erection throbbing like it never has before.

So, this is what I want you to do for me.

I want you to grab one die, it’s okay if you don’t have one, you can use this virtual dice and click on the number one.

Orgasm Denied!

Then roll it. If you get a 3, 4, 1 you do not get to cum. You are denied and you don’t even get to play today. Try again tomorrow. I am trusting you not to lie about what you rolled. No touching that cock for 24 hours until you have come back and try again! 🙂 Better luck tomorrow.

It’s your lucky day! You get an orgasm with a twist!

But for those of you that roll and get a 2, 5, or 6 you are very lucky indeed; because, you get to have an orgasm! *evil grin* Well, you get to have an orgasm Princess Andi style.

There is a catch though. Like I said, you do get to have an orgasm, the thing is, you just can’t use your hands! No touching your cock! You have to hump and grind against inanimate objects until you squirt in your underwear.

I do love having you hump against the back of a chair, hump on top of a table or better yet, your desk.

Yes, you are really going to earn that orgasm. And the thing is, After you have had your orgasm in your underwear you have to leave your cum filled underwear on for as many hours of the number that you rolled on your dice. So, if you rolled a 2 – stay in your cum filled underwear for 2 hours or if you rolled a 5 – 5 hours and so on.

See, by doing it this way, I am very amused at knowing that you had to hump your couch, your table, or the floor to cum, and then, had to feel that cum dry inside your underwear. This makes me very happy.

Don’t you just love making me smile? I just love masturbation games. The kinkier the better!
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