Andi's cum eating challengeTo cum or not to cum is not Miss Andi’s question. It’s how are you going to eat your own cum for me.  That is my question! Miss Andi~


Hi there, to all of you sexy people!

I am Princess Andi, and I love to tease and edge that cock over and over again. Masturbation and humiliation  is my kind of fun. Now, I know some of you feel like I let you suffer with those blue balls and wish I would let you make your own nut butter whenever the urge hits you. You are also very aware, that I am more than okay with you aching, squirming and begging! I rather prefer you in that state of urgency. That need creeping it’s way out of your balls. Teehee, you know how amused I become  when you tell me that  you feel you are going to cum– as long as you stay on the right side of the edge! You can beg all you like. And you will beg to eat your own cum up for me.

 Eat your own cum for me challenge

Now if you really want a chance to cum- You really want to show me how much you worship this tall leggy blonde, and how badly you want to impress me with your obedience. If you really want to show me how devoted a stroke puppet you are. Then you will go ahead and take my stroketacular sundae cum eating challenge.  What do you need?  You need to bring a bowl full of your favorite ice cream and a spoon. If I allow you to cum– you will do so all over your ice cream and eat all of your cum up  for me. That is how I will grant you permission to have that much needed release this month. If you want to take my eat your own cum eating challenge. You can read more about it here on Stroketacular Sundae Cum Eating Challenge— an invitation to eat your own cum for me. Are you going to accept my cum eating invitation?

I will capture your cock and penetrate your mind.

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