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Can You Handle The Heat?

I LOVE orgasm denial! I laugh when a man desperately begs me to release that pressure threatening to split his balls wide open.

I begrudgingly allow a man to cum only when he makes a good case for it (such as, he hasn’t cum in 15 months) or he gives me something really, really great in return.

So I’m willing to bet you haven’t gone 15 months without an orgasm, right? Hah. How did I know you were an undisciplined chronic masturbator? Oh….I just had a hunch. I mean, nobody committed to giving up his orgasm for Mistress would frequent a site called “May I Cum?” He’d understand the the answer is NO always and forever unless he offers a suitable sacrifice.

So what can a addicted stroker boy offer in return for a mind-blowing orgasm? Oh, let’s just say I like it when you get really hot and bothered.

Here’s how to persuade me to allow you to have your mind blowing orgasm. It’s simple really.

Go to CVS. Yes, it has to be CVS, not another store. If you don’t have a CVS close by, then go online to get your special masturbation cream. Purchase this exact product: CVS Muscle Rub Ultra Strength.

Now, get naked for Mistress and get your ass on cam.

When I tell you, apply your special masturbation lubrication to your cock and balls. Start stroking.

Isn’t that the smoothest lube you’ve ever used? Isn’t it totally hot and sexy? It feels really good, doesn’t it?

No, don’t stop. Keep stroking. Oh, it’s getting more difficult to obey? Never mind. You can do it! I know you want to please me, right? Get your ass on cam and get it done!

Leave a comment below and tell everyone how exciting it was to sacrifice for your Mistress!

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