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You all know what a cockteasing bitch I can be.  I love teasing you, bringing you to the edge of cumming…and then telling you “No!  You may NOT cum!”  Well, with this assignment, you are about to find out just what a cockteasing bitch I can be!  Today we’re going to do an edging ladder.  Lots of stroking, lots of edging…and lots of riding that edge.  We’re going to find out just what kind of tease pet you are.

Edging Ladders

If you’ve ever done any kind of physical training, you know what ladders are.  You’ve probably done them in reverse – you start out with a large number of repetitions with a light weight, then you increase the weight, and do less repetitions., and so on, until you’re lifting something heavy just once.  We’re going to do it the other way.  You’re going to start out stroking, edge once, ride that edge, then rest.  Then 2 edges, holding them longer, then rest.  We’ll just keep repeating this.

How Many Edges?

Well I’m going to give you two choices here, but before we get to that, let’s set the rules.  For the first edge, I want you to ride it for 5 seconds, then rest for five seconds.  The second set of edges you’ll ride for 10 seconds, resting 10 seconds between each.  Every set, add 5 seconds to the ride and rest time.  Now, how many edges?  Your first option is to find a dice rolling program online, and roll between 1 and 30.  That number is how many ladders you’re going to do. Just think if you roll a 30 – you’ll have to ride 30 edges for 2 ½ minutes!  Not to mention all the edges getting there!  Choice two is to do what I call “edge to ruin”.  Keep stroking and riding those edges until you go just too far – until you can’t take it anymore and ruin your orgasm! Click the box below to see what your numbers rolled mean!

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