A Masturbation Method From A Caller

How will you stroke for me?

This intense male masturbation technique came from one of my callers.  He said the resulting orgasm was absolutely mind-blowing!. You’ll also need to completely relax your anus, work on those kegels and strengthen the muscles at the base of your penis.  Follow my instructions for this guided masturbation technique and you might just survive this!

Get Into Stroking Position

Settle into a comfortable place.  Now, get naked for me! You’ll need a soft surface eventually, such as a bed or soft carpeted floor with some padding or something because if you do this right, you’ll need somewhere to collapse!  Relax, lay back and get a really hard erection. You’ll need lots of lube because you’re going to pleasure yourself for as long as you like, I don’t want you to edge just yet, just peak, keep yourself at about a 6 or 7 on a scale of 1 – 10.  As you’re jerking away, concentrate on relaxing the muscles in your anus and at the base of your penis. You may have to squeeze them to identify them and then relax them. I want at least 20 minutes of good, quality stroking here!

Are You Desperate To Cum?

Of course you are!  When you’re ready, get into a kneeling position. Position yourself so that your knees are spread and your butt is resting on your heels — one cheek firmly planted on each heel. Then tip your heels slightly out so that they spread the cheeks of your butt. That’s right — spread your cheeks just like when you’re getting ready to take my strap-on! Stroke through five edges and when you feel you’re ready to orgasm … check to be sure your muscles are relaxed and your cheeks are spread … and you have my permission to cum!  Keep stroking, keep those butt cheeks spread and milk all that jizz out of your balls.  Once you’re recovered, you can lick all that spunk up for me.

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