Today we are going to play a stroking game you lucky jerk off toy! I hope you are up for the challenge and are ready to have some fun while spicing up your masturbating!

What you need to play

You’ll need to have a deck of cards or you can use an online random card generator to assist you with this fun activity. Now below you’ll see the rules of the game and I expect you to play accordingly!

How to earn those strokes

This stroking game is all the luck of the draw and it is a fun way to enhance your masturbation routine with or without your Mistress. Here is how I break down just what cards give you how many strokes if any at all. Remember these are just strokes and edges there will be no cumming while playing this card game.

Cards (2-10) – You get this number of edges. You must complete these edges before you may draw another card. And you can only draw one card, per day. NO CUMMIES!

Card (Jack) – Congrats you can have all the edges you want today! However, you must edge while watching my favorite kind of porn. Find some hand job porn and go to town! NO CUMMIES!

Card (Queen) – Congrats you can have all the edges you want today! And while you are stroking away go to my pictures and know I’m smiling watching you jerk that cock for me! NO CUMMIES, I’m watching!

Card (King) – You get to practice your moves! No stroking by hand today, but you can have two edges while humping you favorite piece of furniture. NO CUMMIES!

Card (Ace) – Sorry Ace, no stroking for you! Better luck tomorrow!

How did you enjoy the stroker boy card game?

Share in comments here or by mailing me just how the cards worked out for you, I want to know what cards you drew and how many edges you were able to achive playing this fun yet frustrating tease and denial game.

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