Marlena6 smallSometimes, I like to leave it to chance.

As a merciless cock tease, I’m quite accustomed to saying “No!” Denial is delicious, and your desperate begging only makes me enjoy saying “no” even more! But today, I’m feeling a little more generous. Before your get your hopes up and your cocks out, let me clarify: I will offer you a chance to cum. If you’re lucky, you’ll enjoy that explosive release you so crave. If you’re not…too bad!

First, you’ll have to prepare.

Using your favorite picture, video, or audio as inspiration, I want you to edge your cock eight times. After the last edge, visit this online Magic 8 Ball. You will be asked to type in a question, and you will ask, “May I cum?” That’s the question you’re always so eager to ask, isn’t it? As you press ask, hope for the best! Tonight, your chance at orgasm lies solely with fate!

Then…the moment of truth!

If lady luck is on your side, you’ll receive an affirmative response. If you do, be thankful! This might be the only time you win my permission to cum! And if you’re an unlucky stroker, you’ll be told no once again. That means no retries and no rerolls. And don’t forget to be thankful for this tease and denial game, After all, you’d never get to cum if I was left to my own devices! If you’re ready to test your luck, you may begin now!

Keep your fingers crossed, boys! Good luck!


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