Will you… so I’ll let you cum?

…If You Promise To Eat Your Cum!

Maybe you’ve never even thought about eating your own cum.  Maybe you’re cum curious, you just haven’t been able to actually bring your hand to your mouth and lick up all that jizz.  Or maybe you’re a cum junkie who just can’t get enough cream.  Well, no matter where you fall into the cum eating crowd, if you want to cum, you’re going to eat it for me.

Start Stroking For Me

I want you to get the biggest possible load, so we’re really going to tease that cock.  And this won’t be a quick assignment.  You’re going to stroke and edge for 3 whole days, until those balls are nice and full.  I want you to start with a 5-minute warm-up – stroking once every 5 seconds for a minute, then every 4 seconds for a minute, and so on, until that cock is dripping and rock hard.  Then, you will do cock sprints – as fast as you can until you edge, then 10 seconds rest, then one stroke every 3 seconds for a minute, then fast as you can again to an edge.  I want 20 edges a day out of you, my pet, for the next 3 days.  No cumming until that third day.

Swallow It Down

Unless you’re a cum junkie, swallowing down that jizz after you’ve shot your load is the hardest part.  It’s a hot fantasy when you’re horny, but it loses all the appeal as soon as the cum runs out of your cock.  So, how do we keep you horny after you’ve cum?  We’re going to ruin that orgasm!  On the third day, get a plate, and put it right underneath your dick.  As you get to the edge during your cock sprints, go just over that orgasmic cliff and let go!  That’s it, let that spooge dribble out onto that plate.  Go ahead, another cock sprint – and another ruined orgasm!  I want all that cum out of your balls, so keep going until you cum dry.  Still horny?  Of course you are.  Lick up all that jism until that plate is clean.  For being such a good cum eating slut, you can start stroking again, and this time you can have a full release.  Good thing you recycled all that cum, uh?

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