Go ahead and beg, I love to hear it!

But You Want To Don’t Ya?

I love having a stroker in an extended tease and denial session, begging me to cum because, “I need to Ms. Christine!” Oh, I’m sorry to break it to you slut, but you don’t need to cum. You want to cum, you’d like to cum, but you don’t need to cum. No matter how full those balls get, no matter how much they ache, there’s no reason that you have to cum.

Stroke And Fill Those Balls

I want you to stroke and edge for me, over and over again. Beg all you want, you aren’t going to cum in this tease, no matter how much you swear you “need” to. We both know differently. I want you to keep edging, 10, 20, maybe even 50 times. Can you feel those balls churning away, filling with jizz? That’s what I want. We’ll empty those balls soon enough – just not how you expect.

Emptying Your Balls

So, what should I do if I’m not going to let you shoot that load? I could ruin a whole slew of them, let all that cum drip out, but you’ve been a rather nasty, naughty strumpet, telling me you “need” to cum. I think my only choice here, the only way we’re going to empty those swollen aching nuts of yours, is going to have to be a prostate milking. Bend over for me, slut, and I’ll slide a few fingers or a prostate massager deep inside you and squeeze all that cum – slowly, humiliatingly – out of your cock. Next time, you can tell me you want to cum, tell me you’d like to cum, but don’t ever tell me you need to cum!…ha!

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