How Many Times Will You Edge?

I love being a cocktease! Having you stroke your cock under my direction, telling you just how to do it, and just how long to do it for really makes me wet. The knowledge that you can’t – you won’t – cum before I give you permission is such a rush for me. Today, I think we will see just how many times you can edge. Let’s see if I can break you. You’ll need a 6-sided die and a 100-sided die. 100-sided die are VERY hard to come by, so my recommendation is that you google for a random number generator.

How Will You Stroke

That’s what the 6 sided die is for. So roll that first. The number that comes up will tell you how you’re going to stroke for me:

1 – You will stroke 20 times per minute – once every 3 seconds. Full strokes, from the base of your cock right to the head
2 – You will just rub your palm over the head of your cock
3 – Stroke 40 times per minute, once every 1 1/2 seconds. Full strokes, from the base of your cock right to the head
4 – Stroke at whatever speed you want – but ONLY the shaft. Don’t touch the sensitive head!
5- Stroke 60 times a minute – once every second. Full strokes, from the base of your cock right to the head
6 – Stroke 60 times a minute – once every second. This time though, you’ll alternate strokes. Once just the shaft, next stroke, rubbing the head.

Now you can roll the 100-sided die. That’s how many edges I want from you! I do hope you got 100! After each edge, you will roll that 6-sided die, and change up your stroking pattern.

May I Cum, Ms. Lilly?

Maybe. It all depends on if you can follow instructions. If you mess up, if you don’t complete your edges, you will ruin your orgasm! I want you to lick up all that jism that leaked out – and then you are in chastity for the next 7 days! Each of those 7 days of chastity, you will stroke and edge 10 times. On the 8th day, you can try this tease again.

If you complete all your edges, I want you to roll that 100-sided die one more time.

That’s how many strokes you get to cum in. I hope this time you get 1! If you can’t shoot you load in that number of strokes, you’re denied for today, but you can try this tease again tomorrow.

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