Feeling lucky?

Some More Fun With Dice

This tease needs some dice. Depending on what you roll, you may need some other items as well. The only other thing you’re going to need for sure is a hard cock. So get naked, lube up that cock and roll dem’ bones!

May I Cum?

For the first part, only roll one of the dice. Got that number? Good. You may cum, but here’s the rub, LOL! You may only cum in the way described below for each roll. Now, before you start with whatever task the fate of the dice have chosen for you, I want you to roll one more time with both dice. Take that number and multiply it by 5. That’s how many minutes you need to stroke, or how many edges you need to get too before you can shoot that load! So, if you roll a 2? Good for you, you either stroke for 10 minutes or 10 edges – whichever takes longer – before you are allowed a full release. Rolled a 12? Bummer, stroker! 60 minutes or 60 edges for you!

What’d You Roll

So, here’s the chart, strokers, and your instructions.

1 – Fire up the computer and get some gay porn up there! All you need is your hand, hard cock and some lube. Make sure you’ve got enough porn on there to reach your edging/minutes goal!

2 – Roll both dice again – oh, and get a paddle! What number did you come up with? Multiply it by 20. As you get to each edge, that’s how many times you’re going to paddle each cheek of your ass. I am so hoping you rolled 12 and 12 – 144 swats for 60 edges! You won’t sit for a week!

3 – You’ll need panties – because you’re going to wrap them around your cock and stroke that way. Roll the dice again and multiply by 10 – that’s how many strokes per minute you get. After each edge, you can re-roll to determine how many strokes per minute.

4 – You’ll need clothespins. Roll both dice again – that’s how many clothespins you need. Attach them to your cock, balls, and nipples. In that order. So if you roll a 2 – one on your cock, one on your balls. A 3, you can pick which nipple gets tormented. 5 and higher, you can spread them out however you want!

5 – You cocksucker you! Get a dildo, and roll the dice. This is how many minutes you’ll suck that cock after each edge.

6 – You’re the ass whore! Get that dildo and roll again, then multiply by 10. This is how many strokes in and out of the nasty slut hole you’ll do after each edge.

Have fun, pets!

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