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Good day, my stroker sluts. I know how much you like calling me up for guidance and I’m so happy to oblige, but Mistress Alexis also likes the unknown. Sometimes it’s just fun to sit back and watch as you beg and plead for it to stop, when I honestly have no control over the situation. Well that’s no lie. I still own you, but for this, your fate is actually in your hands for once. I’m just the referee to watch over you.

Try not to lose control!

Try not to lose control!

Try my masturbation dice game on for size…

So for this assignment you will need to snag a pair of 20 sided dice. If you don’t have any on-hand, then close the porn site you have open and do a search engine lookup for a virtual dice set. You will need a lot a lube handy because when Mistress plays games, they aren’t quick and easy. I like when there are small windows of escape and let’s face it, that’s more of a chance you would have than if we weren’t playing this game of chance. So let’s review the rules, shall we?

  •  Roll one die then the other: First number will be the number of slow strokes you get. Second number will be number of quick strokes you get. Example – you roll a 5 & 17, you will stroke for me slowly 5 times then 17 times quickly.
  •  Important: You must stroke very very quickly for Mistress, but on your slow ones, you can take as long as you like.
  • Go for distance: Take a 10 second break between each roll. You see, I want the build up to be very intense.

Tease and delay games are better left up to chance…

Now I know all you care about is the ending, so you eager skanks will need to know that when you roll doubles 3 times, then, and only then, can you click the banner to find out if you get to have a hot orgasmic release. Oh you’re there? Let’s see what happens.

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