How long has it been since you’ve had a nice tug on that cock of yours? An hour? A day? A week? scarlet5Well, darling, it’s your lucky day because I want to see just how hard you can get for me. Before you start stroking, take this stretchy rubber cock ring and slide it right down to the base of that flaccid penis. Now, I want you to slip each of your balls inside as well. You heard me.

I want your balls in that cock ring, too!

I know it’s a tight squeeze but I promise, it will be well worth it. A little tugging, a bit of arranging and there! Now, look at that lovely package. All snugly tied up and held tight right at the base for me. Excellent.

You may start stroking now.

Yes you can. You may stroke and tug on that cock to your delight. I’ll set the pace just a little bit and give you something to follow along to. Let me find a good radio station with a song with a nice beat. Oh, there we go!

This song has an awesome beat!

Stroke to it. Go ahead. Keep up with the music. That’s not too fast for you is it? Let me find another song. There. That’s a bit slower. I like watching you stroke to it. That’s really hot. You know, I preferred that other song so I’m going back to it.

Pump it fast!

Don’t stop stroking. Keep up with the beat. You can do it. Maybe I’ll let you cum before the song’s up. Want to find out?


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