A visit with Dr. OliviaHow do you feel knowing that you will have an orgasm each and every time you start to stroke? Think about it. Oh sure, cock stroking feels good, of course it does. But, if you’re here (to ask: may I cum?) then you know that there can be so much more than the quick release.

Cock stroking and CFNM

I want you to imagine that you are standing in front of me. I am going to teach you. You don’t realize exactly what I will do — part of your training will be educating you in the fine art of erotic sexual denial.

Are you a bit nervous when you walk into my office? It doesn’t look like a typical therapist office. But, then again, I’m not your typical therapist. I am a cock control training Mistress and you intuitively know you need to submit to a dominant woman. You are going to experience Doctor’s office CFNM and this will change your life.

The first cock training visit

“Welcome, I’m Dr. Olivia and you will find your therapy exciting and sometimes challenging.” I gaze at you as you begin to sit down.

You hear my voice, firm and sensual, “Stop. Don’t sit down. Take your clothes off. Let me see what I have to work with.”

I smile at you as you hear the click of my stilettos as I walk around your naked, vulnerable body. I watch you shiver with excitement and I know that you will be perfect for CFNM humiliation.

Mistress cock training program

I stand in front of you, my eyes sweeping down your naked body and I smile, “I know exactly where we will begin.” My hand reaches out and my fingers reach toward your balls and then ….. you’ll hear that yourCFNM Doctor is IN with the free erotic audio below that will have you thinking and more.  Remember you CAN stroke but you will NOT cum.

Listen to Dr. Olivia

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