…because you are so visual…

I Have a Game for You

This little game is going to require a bit of preparation on your part.  You need to collect 100 or so sexy picture files.  Collect whatever you like – pictures of hot sexy women, Dominant Mistresses with their subs or sissies, cock pictures if you’re one of my cocksucking faggots! – whatever gets you hot, hard, and dripping.  You need to put them all into some type of slideshow computer program, one that allows you to view them randomly – I like Windows Media Player or Quicktime myself or you can use Power Point.

Now, get naked for me, and comfortable, where you can watch the computer.  After you’re hard, pick out one  picture to start with, and start the slideshow on random.  If you can set how much time each picture pops up for, I’ll let you pick anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds.

Begin Your Stroking

Start stroking that cock while you stare at those hot pictures, making you all excited and horny.  Think about what it would be like if you were the star of those photos.  I’ll bet that starts that pre-cum flowing, doesn’t it?  I wonder how many pictures you’ll make it through before you hit your first edge?

May I cum?

Maybe, maybe not. You are to keep stroking, and if you edge, you have to hold that edge without cumming until the picture changes.  Then you can rest through the next picture, and start stroking again.  Once you’re sure you can’t take anymore, you just need to cum, click the audio below to see what I have to say about you cumming.  And be sure to follow my directions very closely!

Listen to Ms Christine

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