Ms ScarletI saw you staring at me in the office today Mister boss man. You thought you were so sly; pretending not to notice when I bent over to empty the shredding basket. What about what happened in the break room? I was making a fresh pot of coffee when you just had to reach over me into the cabinet to grab your coffee cup. I felt you pressing against me. I’m not sure how you held yourself back!

Now here I am in your office after hours. You’re going to stroke for me. Do it or I might not be such a good secret keeper! That’s right, unzip those slacks and pull that cock out. Keep stroking while I stand here and show off my outfit. The only rules are that you may not touch me and you will have to wait to see if I’m going to let you cum!

Keep stroking Sir. I’m just going to turn around and lean against your desk. I know you love admiring my teeny tiny waist and my round ass in this tight pencil skirt don’t you? Oh yes, your cock is telling me just how much you like it. Let me run my hands over my ass for you. Now I’ll sit myself right on your desk and cross my long legs. Running my hands over my legs; you can’t take your eyes off of them. My office pumps with their thin ankle strap dangling at the end of my legs. My fingertips dancing slowly up the back of my leg, tracing that dark black line up my calf.

Oh! You seem to really be getting excited Sir! Don’t stop. Keep on pumping. I’ll let you know if you can cum or not.  I bend over and and put my hands on top of your desk. That’s right. Keep staring as I start hitching my skirt up, higher and higher so you can see the tops of my thigh highs, the buckles of my garter, the sheer black panty covering my tight, little ass…..

Click the button and keep stroking boss man! Find out if you get to cum…or not! Repeat after me…. May I Cum? May I Cum? May I Cum?

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