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Ms RachelHello stroke toy.

You know the rules. Good boys get presents, namely, permission to spill My cream, and bad boys get a lump of coal, which is enticingly reminiscent of the tight, hard blue balls a tease toy will have in his undies (or panties) if Miss Rachel has determined that cockteasing and orgasm denial is what he deserves.

So, tell the truth. Have you been bad, or good?

Not sure how to tell? Well, wrap your hand around My new property, and read on. Miss Rachel wants to play a little game with you, that will help you determine whether you will hear the magic “yes”, or the punishment of “NO”. ¬†And keep in mind, it’s not only your final score that will determine what answer you get. There’s always the x-factor of Mistress’ whim!

The premise of the game is that just because you’ve only found Me now, it doesn’t mean that your throbbing cock, full balls, and all the cum inside of them haven’t always been meant to belong to a prick teasing Princess. That means that from the age of 18, unless your orgasms have been under the auspices of female domination, *you have been stealing orgasms*.

That’s right. Unless you were making a member of exalted womanhood cum while you were having an orgasm, you were stealing.

Therefore, I want you to do the math, in your head. Be honest. How many times have you selfishly wanked My dildo, and spilled My load, from the time you were 18? You’re allowed to average out your masturbation frequency: how many times a day (if you are a chronic masturbator), week, or month do you think you’ve cum in an unauthorized manner since then?

Now, take that number, and listen to the audio below to find out how you can possibly atone in time to be a boy who gets a gift instead of a lump of coal!

Listen to Ms Rachel

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