How many times are you going to ask me?

How bad do you want to cum?

Do you know how much I enjoy keeping you in chastity? A recent post I wrote here was all about chastity edging where I just told you, “No, you may not cum” right from the get go…that was so much fun. Knowing all you strokers were out there, stroking and edging, adding an edge a day, with no relief, no orgasm in sight. Well, you didn’t cum, but I certainly did just imagining your desperation! Some of the best orgasms I’ve had were when one of you called, pleading and begging to shoot your load. I love to hear you beg…

I Also Adore Cocksuckers

That’s why I’m spending so much time teaching you all how to suck cock like a pro. And since I love you faggot knob bobbers, I’ll give you a chance to cum. You’ll need to ruin 3 orgasms first – and collect all that jizz. Yes, you’ll have to ruin them! Then, you’re going to need a squirting dildo – go ahead and fill it up with your ruined orgasm spunk.

Suck That Cock

That’s right, let the head slide past your lips and down your throat. Give that cock the best blowjob you can. Stroke that dildo with one hand, while you stroke your own cock with the other – multi-task slut! Oh, you want to know if you can cum? Of course you can – like the cocksucking faggot you are – with a cock squirting in your mouth! Oh, don’t like the taste of cum – not even your own? Well, then, I guess you can’t cum. I’ll bet your desperation will overcome that lack of enthusiasm for cum guzzling. 😉

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