You know it pleases me to hear you say those three simple words:

Are You Feeling Lucky?

Are You Feeling Lucky?

“May I cum?”

The expectation on your face. The hope. Every time I say “no” or “not today” I feel a surge of pleasure run through my body before settling in that spot between my legs.

If I am in a good mood, and you have been particularly pleasing to me, I might just say, “yes.” I get a thrill from that, too. What greater power can I have over a man than controlling his ability to experience the ultimate pleasure? I can’t think of one, can you?

Let me think about that. I have to consider so many variables before I decide whether to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to your self-pleasure:

  • How long has it been since your last orgasm?

  • Did you have permission the last time you stroked your cock?

  • Have you been obedient?

  • Have you thought of your Mistress’s needs before your own?

There’s so much you must do to earn your pleasure. I know how hard it must be for you. It’s supposed to be difficult for you. It pleases me to see you cope with the obstacles I place in your path.

I will be blunt:

Today is not your lucky day.

But don’t be so dejected. I have an assignment for you to complete. If I approve of your work I might allow you to cum.

Here’s what I want you to do:

You are to go one week, seven days,  without having an orgasm. Once a day you are to stroke your cock while thinking of how much you would love to be my slave. You are to stroke yourself to the edge of cumming. But don’t you dare allow yourself that pleasure. (If you do cum, you are to email me immediately and confess your sin. Then you are to start your week over again.)

Imagine all that precum flowing down the shaft and coating your finger. You have my permission to lick them clean if you want.

As the days pass, your balls will feel heavy and ache. All day, all night the idea of cumming will be on your mind. But you will think of your Mistress and you will hold off. I know you can do it. For me.

After you have completed your week, you are to write me a detailed email (sierra AT describing how you feel, emotionally and physically. Tell me how much you want to cum.

I will read your email as soon as I can find the time and let you know my decision.

Will it be “yes” or will it be “no”?

There’s only one way to find out.

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