Ms OliviaI know you’ve been masturbating forever and a day.  I’m here to give you a sense of what it’s like to have a Masturbatrix in your life.  If you don’t know what that is, a Femdom Masturbatrix is going to be your new best friend!  ~smiles~

Tips for the best in guided masturbation

When you first talk with Me, I’ll ask you how you currently stroke and whether you use lube or not.  I will want to know some basic things about how much you masturbate, what kinds of images you look at or think about, and how long you would like to stroke.  We’ll talk about whether you want to cum at the end of your phone sex call.

Orgasm edging and orgasm denial

A guided masturbation session can teach you all kinds of things you didn’t know about your cock and just exactly how much pleasure it can bring you.  There are many things you do not know about masturbation even though you have been jacking off for years!

New masturbation technique

Today, we’re going to do a short session where you will stroke on command.  Get your lube ready if you use lube.  If you don’t use lube, get yourself ready!  ~smiles~ I know you probably already do the hand wrap and up/down stroke, that is the most common stroking position.

Stroke to the edge of orgasm and then stop

Take your hand off that hard cock of yours.  Take several deep breathes and let your need to orgasm subside just a little bit.  And then click on the erotic audio to hear My voice tell you about the new masturbation technique and what to do next.

Listen to Ms Olivia

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