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So many men want to wank and whimper, begging Mistress to let him cum.

Really, it gets tiresome after a while. I mean, you want to cum, but you don’t want to sacrifice anything to do it. What? I’m supposed to let you cum just because?

Just because what? I like you? Liking you has nothing to do with whether or not I send you away with blue balls; engorged blue is my favorite color! I feel sorry for you? Well, I do feel sorry for you, (you poor chronic wanker) but not enough to let you cum.

See, your orgasm belongs to me. I’m a lot of things, but I’m not a wasteful woman; I’m not going to just shoot that spunk off into the wind.

Lucky for you, there is something I love to make a chronic masturbator do that requires an orgasm.

Oh! Now I have your attention! A guarantee that you won’t be experiencing the sweet torture of orgasm denial? Well my little hand humper, here you go: all you have to do is….

Eat your cum. Every last drop of your salty goo. Gobble gobble! Down the hatch!

That’s fair, right? You get to shoot and I get to watch you eat it all?

Oh yes. Of course you have to do it on cam. I know a man will say anything when his dick is hard and he wants to cum so, so, so badly. And I will hold you accountable.

What happens if you say you will be my nasty cum eater and you don’t go through with it?

Let’s just say that if you ever plan to call me again, you’d best do as I say. Otherwise, you forfeit your orgasm indefinitely. That’s right. My answer to your question, “May I cum?” will always and forever be NO. And I will enjoy making you beg and plead as I tease you mercilessly for hours and deny your orgasm.

So naughty stroker, what’s it going to be? Will you obey me and slurp that spunk for your mistress?

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