Andi_blogart2We’re going to see how long and how fast you can stroke for Princess Andi. The first thing you need to do is go online and find a metronome. Just Google it, stroker slut, there are all kinds of apps. You can even download them to your smartphone so that you can do this stroking challenge wherever you are. Get comfortable, get naked for me, and take that cock in hand and get ready to stroke to the beat.

Let’s Start Slowly

Start out by setting the metronome at 60 beats per minute (BPM), and stroke at that speed – which would be one stroke per second. So one long full stroke every second. Keep stroking for your Princess until you get to an edge. Stop, rest for 30 seconds, then increase the BPM by 10 – or whatever’s closest to that (make sure you round up!) and stroke again until you get to an edge. Rest for 30 seconds, then add 10 and start stroking again. Just keep repeating that whole process. Stroke, edge, rest, add 10, stroke.

May I Cum?

That all depends on how long and how quickly you stroke. How long is up to me. You’re going to stroke for and edge for an entire hour. If, by the end of an hour, you’re at at least 180 BPM, I will allow you to cum. If you want to get to that speed faster, you can add more than 10 BPM every time you edge, but you must stroke and edge for the entire hour. Oh, and once you get to 180 BPM – you can’t rest anymore. You can slow down your stroking, but you MUST continue and stroke that hard horny cock and ride that edge until the hour is up. Oh, and if you can’t make the whole hour, you are to ruin your orgasm, and place yourself in chastity for the next week!

Thanks for playing,

Princess Andi

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