Are You Worthy of Cumming

Yes, I know you want to cum, but are you worthy of cumming?  I have control of your cock, and I get to decide if – and what kind – of release you get to have.  You need to show me if you are worthy of an orgasm.  Not only that, but are you really worthy of a full total release? Maybe all you’ve shown me just means I’ll let that cum dribble out of your cock – a nice ruined orgasm .

Tell Me What You’d Do

So, your assignment is very simple.  You want to cum?  Well, you may only cum if you impress me.  So tell me – tell me exactly what you would do for the privilege of orgasming for your Masturbatrix.  And it’d better be good.  “Oh, Mistress, I’d stroke for you and edge 20 times.”  Really?  You think that is special?  All that is going to get you is a week or two of chastity, during which I will tease you every single day!  I want to be impressed, slut.

What Do You Think Would Impress Me?

Is it giving me a total body massage with a happy ending? Is it being a fluffer and clean-up cuckold?  Maybe you’re willing to be spanked, flogged and caned – not because you did anything wrong, but simply because it makes me happy!  Comment on the post, email me or better yet, give me a call.  I’ll guide your masturbation, and when you can’t stand it anymore, and you ask “May I cum?”, I’ll decide if you’ve impressed me enough.

Much Love,

Mistress Alexandria

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