Beware Strokers from Mistress Sloane

What are you doing?  Are you jerking off?  I caught you didn’t I, cock in your hand, stroking furiously before I stumbled in here.  Were you hoping to get off without me knowing?  Really?  I’ve kept you in chastity and teased you for so long…well, I’d know.  Ms. Sloane always knows.  I guess I really can’t blame you, all that cum swelling your balls and making them so blue.  Lucky, for you I’m in a good mood.  Maybe I should let you cum?

Stroked by Ms. Sloane

If you’re going to cum after all that denial though, it should be special, don’t cha’ think?  Let me help you a bit there, run my fingertips over that sensitive cock head.  You like that, don’t you?  My nails just lightly scratching, and then sliding down the slick shaft, squeezing a little bit at the base, and then back up again.  I know you like it when I touch you, when I tease and stroke that cock.

A Special Treat

Let me take my top off here, I want to feel that hard prick in between my beautiful 36D breasts.  That’s it, rub the tip along my nipples, that feels so good.  So good, I may just let you cum right here.  How long has it been since you’ve given me a wonderful pearl necklace?  You’d like to do that, wouldn’t you?  Shoot some thick, ropy strands of your jizz all over my chest and neck.  Are you getting close, are those balls starting to get really tight?  Well, you’d better ask me.  Ask me, May I Cum?

 Want the answer to your question? Well have a listen to my audio.

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