Well, all my little stroker sluts are here, aren’t they? Waiting with baited breath to see what the answer will be to the most important question in their lives – May I Cum? Yes, I think I may. Oh, wait, you want to know if you can cum, don’t you? Those balls are all swollen and full of cum, aren’t they? They’re blue and aching. Does that ache go all the way into the pit of your stomach? I’ll bet it does.

The Chastity Olympics

The answer to your question all depends on how the US athletes do tonight in London. If they win, you get release. So, get yourself comfortable, and pick out an event. How many of you horny cum sluts are going to pick Women’s Beach Volleyball? Watching those ladies in their skimpy bathing suits, asses and breasts bouncing, grunting every time they hit a ball. That will have you on the edge in no time. Since the medals won’t be given out for volleyball for a week or so yet, you’ve only got one chance. If the American team wins, you get to cum. If not, there’s always tomorrow night.

The Rules

If you choose an event where there are medals given out, you’ll get something if the Americans win any kind of medal. It may not be what you’re hoping for. If the American’s win gold, you may cum. If it’s silver, you get to ruin your orgasm for me! If it’s bronze, you may massage your prostate to relive all that pressure in your balls. If they don’t win any medals, you get to put your cock away and try again. You can also try again tomorrow night if they don’t win gold. Whatever medal they win, I expect you to eat up all that cum you’ve been building up for the past month!

Oh, and if the Olympics are over before you read this…well, the Winter Olympics are only 2 years away!

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