I’m in the mood to play! I choose your cock as my playing ‘piece’. You will follow my instructions exactly as I give them; making sure to really give it your full focus. I don’t want any porn playing in the background; no naughty magazines opened up on the table. Just you and me. That’s all we need.

First, you’ll get naked for me. Go ahead. Strip down. Off with the shirt, the jeans, the socks, and the boxers. I want one hundred percent skin. Don’t touch your cock. I know it’s the first thing you think to do; but don’t. Don’t. Don’t touch it. Now find somewhere to sit comfortably. Maybe an office chair or a couch or even your bed. Have a seat. Do you want to play? I get to use your cock for my amusement and enjoyment. Your cock belongs to me in all ways. You will not stroke unless I tell you to. You will not cum unless I tell you to. Understood? Let’s play.

First I want you to show me the ‘piece’. You get about one minute to reach down and stroke that cock with the purpose of making it as hard as possible so I can get a good look at what I’m playing with. Go ahead. Stroke it. Work it. Make it mine. That’s enough. Stop stroking it. Oh look at that; nice and erect. Firm just for me. I love it. You want to play with it again don’t you?

Stroke. That’s it. Stroke that cock for me. Feel that cum building in your balls? Some delicious pre-cum gathering at the tip? Rub it in. Polish it for me. Stop. Don’t touch it. I’m having fun playing with your cock. I could play with it all day. Just teasing it and getting it all worked up. Do you want to cum? Ask me. May I Cum, Mistress? Start stroking and click the button below to find out………is the answer yes? Or is the answer no?

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