Welcome chastity enthusiasts. Mistress Meredith and myself are partners in keyholding and want to share your (soon to be our) cock in strict cock control and chastity training.

We would like to first interview our cock and see if it is a good candidate for the chastity boy we demand. If you are not interested in strict cock control leading to chaste male, then we suggest you move on to more sensual cocktease with maybe a release.

You will need a cocklock if you have one. If you don’t have one, let your imagination guide you.  We do give release, however, so don’t be discouraged. This is merely a test. We demand chastity slaves who are serious, not weekend warriors. We do play with weekend boys if you request, but be honest and all will be well.

We want to test our cock right now by bringing our cock out of the pants for evaluation stroking.  Look at our pictures and enjoy the view, begin to stoke and visualize both of us standing above you with the most intimidating of latex wear, our opera length rubber gloved hands on hips, and the look of dominance staring down at you. Close your eyes and see it. Stroke to an edge and don’t cum.

Open your eyes and see the two Goddesses sharing your cock and balls, one gently squeezing , the other bringing the cock to an edge using lube and a string of pearls. Taste the precum.  Next imagine a metal chastity device is presented in front of you and a pair of dice is on the table. If she rolls odds you cum, if she rolls evens you are locked for a week. Now Mistress Meredith rolls the dice and lets fate decide……

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