Hearing you moan and whimper…… It is music to my ears! I know just what you want, and I am not giving it to you. The ultimate orgasm denial from a bratty princess is what you soon will be craving for!

Stroke it like this

Listen to the smooth tone of my voice, instructing you on exactly how to stroke that hard throbbing boner of yours. Let me bring you to the very edge of your orgasm, and hold you there. I know what you’re thinking. “When is she going to let me blow?” Well Stroker, the answer is when and if I feel like it. Let’s see just how long you can withstand my teasing taunting voice, and my sweet laughter. I love making you wait, and the longer you wait the more fun I have! So follow my instructions….

Feel it Throb

I see you sneaking peeks at your cock! Checking to see if I actually did cause your balls to turn blue. Seeing ALL the veins just pumping pulsing and throbbing. It is then that you realize, I have you trapped! You can feel your cock jerking in your hand. The muscles in your stomach and thighs contracting. Even your face is tensing up. What is poor little stroker gonna do?

Beg for it

You can’t hold it any longer? Well then I better hear you beg! I want to hear the anguish in your voice. I want to see the stress in your face. And I want to hear you moan, vulnerably, “Mistress, May I cum?” Hahaha and with those four words, I know I have you exactly where I want you! The answer might be YES. It could very well be NO. It depends on what mood I am in. So please, now is your time to impress me. Beg Mistress Bailey to let you release!

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