I know how much boys love to play. And of their playthings, balls rank pretty high among their toys.

Do you want to cum?

I also know that in your day to day, busy life, you most likely forgo taking the time to play with your balls, in favor of going straight for that cock. Am I right?

Making Time to Play

Remember when you used to spend hours touching and exploring yourself? How titillating it was to touch everywhere except your cock.  That is where I plan to take you now. I want you to make time to just tease and massage those balls. I guarantee the time you spend on them will be well worth the heightened arousal that such play will produce.

Creating A Self-Imposed Tease

While you are moving your fingertips from the base of your sac to the bottom, I want you to think about what it might be like to have My fingers massaging and manipulating your balls. Or better yet, image you’re working those balls, a consecutive motion of light squeezing and pulling on your balls, while I slowly move my own fingertips up and down my naked breasts, down my tummy and to my core. Teasing Myself, all for your viewing pleasure!

Till Those Balls Turn Blue

Are your balls turning blue? So soon? lol… Don’t worry, I love blue balls. They’re so firm and pretty, perfect really. And they make you so needy and submissive. They’re just so fabulous, and that’s how you make your Mistress happy!

Now, I suppose through all of this, you are wondering when you’ll be allowed to touch your cock. You’re also, most likely wondering if and when I’ll let you cum. Do you want to cum? lol… of course you do. Well, click on the “May I Cum” box below and maybe you’ll get lucky….

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