You know what I love?  Me insisting that you cum when you don’t want to.  Now I’m sure you are  saying “Mistress Sirena, I always want to cum.”

But I know that isn’t true. For example, let’s say you have just had an orgasm.  Are you ready to turn around and try again?  Most guys can’t get ready that fast.  I like to “insist” that you be ready.

I’m only providing you with what you want right?

Yes, a coerced orgasm is a wonderful thing.  So even though you may feel as if you are being rubbed raw, it’s all to get to that final goal right?

You see, a coerced orgasm teaches you that they aren’t the be all and end all of sexual pleasure.  If you are a true sub, you will find pleasure in the servicing and worship of me, not just when you cum.  And that is the lesson that I want to teach you.

Plus coerced orgasms are a step up from orgasm denial.

Yes I love tease and denial but a coerced orgasm is just as good in my opinion.  In fact, a good tease and denial session is what is needed before any coercing occurs.

I will tease and deny you until you are begging me to let you cum.  Once I hear that desperation in your voice, I will let you cum.  And then I will have you do it again and again until you come full circle and are now begging me to stop because you can’t cum anymore. LOL

Mistress Sirena

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