If anyone knows anything about me…you never quite know what I’m going to ask you to do next. I like to keep you on the edge (quite literally) and let you dangle as I decide your ultimate fate.

This is the season for giving am I right? So I guess the question is…have you been naughty, or have you been nice, truth is…I don’t give a shit. Teehee

As you’re sitting there begging and pleading for me to let you cum all I can think about is my own wants and desires. I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that the appendage you have in your hand belongs to me. That is right, it is my cock…not yours, and I will decide what to do with it. Although I do enjoy the whimpering, raspy breaths and begging.

I do have a unique masturbation technique for you advanced masturbators. It is referred to as the Glans Ring. It focuses on the ridge right underneath the head of your cock. If you are circumcised it does require a bit of lube to make it feel amazing. If not, and you have that excess skin, then it’s not required. Regardless of whether or not you use lube, or have foreskin on your cock, I know plenty of you cock strokers that have enough pre cum to never need lube!

Anyway, use your hand to make a tight ring around the head of your cock (right underneath it) and apply pressure stroking it by twisting it from side to side and slightly up and down…start slowly. After all I want the feeling to be torturous for you 😉 and it will build excitement. Eventually you will vary the speed of your strokes, and tightness of your grips and this will create fucking amazing feelings and sensations throughout your body especially when special attention is given to the ridge going to the shaft and the underside of the head.

Wanna switch it up?

Switch hands from time to time, or another way to switch it is by keeping your hand still and pelvic thrusting into the ring created by your hand.

Are you allowed to cum? Not without me on the phone…

But even if I am on the phone…that is up for some debate 😉

Happy stroking cock strokers!

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